Our values

Serving a network of people who create better opportunities and outcomes for all.

Resurgo’s five values each relate to an Olympic theme.

1. Pole Vault

We believe those we support can reach a high bar. We give them the skills and know-how to exceed expectations.

2. Peloton

The transforming power of relationships is the heart of our vision.  We create dynamic communities to achieve more together than any of us can alone.

3. Medals

We aspire to new standards of social impact and excellence.  We stretch ourselves in order to keep improving.

4. Stadium

Our working environment is ‘electric’ and ‘can-do’.  We cheer each other on by celebrating one another’s success.

5. Flame

Our Christian faith empowers us to love our neighbours, whoever they may be.



If you would like to see our values in action find out more about our current initiatives.

We believe diversity makes us stronger – read about our anti-racism work here.