Inspiring society

What we do – overview

We connect, envision, train and support people to ‘transform society together’ through high impact and scalable enterprises

We specialise in coaching, managing impact, leveraging local expertise and scaling up

We work with businesses, charities, churches and individuals to cultivate change

Our programmes are the Spear Programme, Re-Work and Resurgo Consulting.

Our current activities

The Spear Programme

Our award-winning Spear Programme helps 16-24-year-olds overcome the challenges they face, supporting them to get into and succeed in long-term employment.


Re-Work equips anyone who’s recently lost their job with the skills, mindset and confidence they need to re-enter the workplace.

Resurgo Consulting

Engage our professional coaching services to improve your business performance. Dare to imagine a positive, collaborative and high performing team with Resurgo Consulting.

Get Involved

Together, we can do something about the social problems that affect those facing challenges or barriers in our communities.

Our approach

Our activities are focused around three drivers we have found effective in delivering transformation and change.

Professional coaching

– to raise awareness of potential and increase commitment to action.

Joining together

– we can do far more when we come together with the whole community – businesses, neighbours, volunteers – to bring about lasting change.

Creating a framework for impact

– by defining desired outcomes and measuring them, we know our work achieves what we set out to do, and can be adapted as we learn.