We know the church plays a key role in enacting social change. Our aim is to equip your church to take its impact even further. 

“The church exists to bring transformation in the location... in which it’s placed. All churches are looking for means of … making a difference. Spear is one of those ways.”

Revd Archie Coates, Vicar, St Peter’s Brighton

Ways to get involved

Spear Programme

Partner with us to open a local Spear centre and support local young people to overcome barriers and enter employment. 

Resurgo Consulting

Chat to our expert coaching consultants about shaping your internal culture and deepening your external impact.  


Partner with us to deliver Re-Work to help adults in your community facing unemployment. 

Is your church welcoming Ukranian families, and looking to support them to navigate the UK labour market? We’d love to chat.

Church Partners

Why the Church?

We believe the church has a key role to play in the transformation of society. 

Many practical benefits (including building space, local community connections, and a willing congregation of volunteers), coupled with a missional focus to respond to human need and tackle injustice, place it perfectly to deliver our employment support programmes Spear and Re-Work. Partnering with the local church also provides great opportunity to scale sustainably.  

All of our work is explicitly non-proselytising, suitable for and welcome to people of any or no faith.