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Resurgo means to ‘rise up again’. We believe that everyone has a part to play in the transformation of society.  If we each play our part, society will flourish.  

So, we use our expertise in coaching and impact management to equip and empower businesses, charities, churches and individuals to transform society.  

Through our employability programmes, Spear and Re-Work, we help church communities to deliver life transforming services that equip those facing barriers to work in their communities with the necessary life skills and mindset to overcome them and find the contribution they want to make through their work.   

And through Resurgo Consulting, we deliver group coaching to teams, helping them to work together more effectively and to identify and pursue the meaningful social change they can create in their communities. 

Our work has a tangible and measurable impact – read more about our impact work here.

Resurgo is a Christian organisation working with all, irrespective of faith background, to achieve our shared vision more effectively. 

Our partners

Partnerships lie at the heart of our work. We can achieve more together than any of us can alone.

Our people

Our people are important to us. We invest in them to be the best they can be.

Our values

We aim to catalyse a mass movement that will overcome the social challenges of our time.

Our impact

Measuring and ensuring impact is key to the success of our efforts to enable social transformation.

Featured News

I’m honoured to be Resurgo’s Ambassador – the work is a huge inspiration to me and I hope you’ll join me by getting involved.

Miranda Hart, Actor & Comedian

My team and I work with about 80 social enterprises and charities a year on their impact measurement and reporting, and Resurgo stands out above them all.

Steve Coles, Intentionality CIC

After speaking to over 30 youth employment organisations internationally, we were very impressed by Resurgo’s use of data and approach to impact management. Resurgo has a true understanding of its beneficiaries and the outcomes they wish to realise.

Rosanna Thomasoo, New Philanthropy Capital

There are very few organisations in the social sector that I admire as much as Resurgo.

David Hunter, International consultant to the nonprofit sector

I have seen at first hand the difference you are making, giving people the motivation and practical life skills they need to make a success of their lives.

David Cameron

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