Our Consultancy

Impact consulting

Deepen your external impact

Whether your organisation is just getting started with social impact, or looking to refine a long-established social mission, our team of specialists can help. 

We’ll work together to: 


  • Prioritise the social issues you care about 

  • Clarify and define your social mission statement 

  • Work out who you’re best placed to serve 

  • Measure your effectiveness 

  • Focus on your outcomes, not just your activities 

Theory of Change workshops 

Not heard of a Theory of Change? This slightly jargon phrase simply refers to a process where your organisation will rigorously evaluate its social impact. We’ll lead you through every step – asking the difficult questions, and working together towards a mission statement truly in line with your day-to-day activities.  

Bespoke consultancy 

With years of experience under our belts developing the impact of the Spear Programme, we’ve since consulted for a range of organisations – each one different in their sector and social impact objectives. We know that each organisation is unique, so we’ll work with you to address your particular challenges, and develop a truly custom approach to prioritising and measuring your impact.  

[Resurgo Consulting] listened, challenged and encouraged at every step, and put in just the right amount of support & guidance to enable us to really get the job done, without feeling either too lonely nor too crowded.  The result is that we have a really clear mission, we know who we’re here for, we’re committed to some proper outcomes, we know how we’re going to do it.

Annie Gale, COOK RAW Talent Manager

The support Luminary received from Resurgo Consultancy was exactly what we needed. They taught us about Theory of Change and helped us develop ours... We now have a really clear Impact Strategy & transparent indicators & measures of success, and are beginning to roll out new procedures that will make Luminary so much better supporting the UK's most disadvantaged women.


Alice Williams, Luminary Founder & CEO

We were very impressed by Resurgo’s use of data and approach to impact management. It was clear that Resurgo has a true understanding of its beneficiaries and the outcomes they wish to realise. For these reasons we decided to showcase Resurgo as a case study for three of the dimensions of impact: ‘Understanding what outcomes the effect relates to’, ‘how much of the effect occurs’, and ‘who is affected’.

Rosanna Thomasoo, New Philanthropy Capital

More than most charities, Resurgo uses data-driven, state-of-the-art performance management systems and practices, as well as externally conducted evaluations in order to hold itself accountable to the young people it serves.  Indeed, there are very few organizations in the social sector that I admire as much as Resurgo.

David Hunter, author of Working Hard, Working Well and international impact consultant