Resurgo Consulting

Impact consulting

Drawing on our expertise in developing the impact of the Spear programme, we have now worked with a range of organisations on a consultancy basis to help them define, quantify and measure their social impact.  Experience has shown us that the journey towards greater effectiveness is incredibly rewarding, and ultimately leads an organisation to a place where they can be truly  confident in their social impact.

How it can help

  • Gain organisational-wide clarity on what you are aiming to achieve

  • Define your social mission statement

  • Work out who you’re best placed to serve

  • Become outcome focused, not program focused

Theory of change workshops

The Theory of Change workshop is a facilitated process which challenges a staff team to evaluate the social impact of their organisation with greater rigour.  An effective Theory of Change will help align the overarching mission of the organisation with its day-to-day program activities, giving renewed focus towards ultimate outcomes and providing a robust approach to performance management.

Bespoke consultancy

We have worked with a number of organisations in a bespoke capacity to help them develop their approach to social impact.  This tends to be very particular to the challenges each organisation is facing but typically involves diagnosing and resolving a specific issue concerning impact measurement.  

Social impact accelerator

The Resurgo Social Impact Accelerator is a 12-week programme designed to challenge, connect and invest in social entrepreneurs.

Spear's goal for its young people is not only to get them into work, but also to ensure that they sustain and progress in employment to become financially independent adults. It is one of the very few programmes in the country that has an innovative approach to coach young people for one full year to secure a job and help them progress their career.

Chiku Bernardi, Investment Director, Impetus

We were very impressed by Resurgo’s use of data and approach to impact management. It was clear that Resurgo has a true understanding of its beneficiaries and the outcomes they wish to realise. For these reasons we decided to showcase Resurgo as a case study for three of the dimensions of impact: ‘Understanding what outcomes the effect relates to’, ‘how much of the effect occurs’, and ‘who is affected’.

Rosanna Thomasoo, New Philanthropy Capital

More than most charities, Resurgo uses data-driven, state-of-the-art performance management systems and practices, as well as externally conducted evaluations in order to hold itself accountable to the young people it serves.  Indeed, there are very few organizations in the social sector that I admire as much as Resurgo.

David Hunter, author of Working Hard, Working Well and international impact consultant