We know you can

I'm 16 - 24

The Spear Programme will equip you with the confidence, mindset and skills you need to succeed in work. Join us for six weeks, for free. 

Is this for me?
  • You’re 16-24
  • You’re not in work or education at the moment 
  • You’re available weekday afternoons for four to six weeks
  • You can get to one of our centre locations (listed below)
What to expect
  • Increased confidence and purpose 
  • New friends, community and routine 
  • Impressive CV and cover letter 
  • Interview training and practice 
  • Follow-on career support for up to 12 months

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What happens?

You’ll be in a group of 10-15 people in a similar situation to you. The group is run by friendly and experienced coaches, and meets on weekday afternoons for between 4 to 6 weeks. Topics covered include  interview preparation, cover letter advice, presentation skills, confidence and mindset. 

What’s different about it?

Unlike some other career support, we’re not here to just hand you a CV and send you on your way. We’ll treat you like a grown up, and work together to achieve your specific career goals. Got a criminal record?  No qualifications? Struggling with mental health? We’ve helped thousands of young people overcome these challenges – and we’re here to help you too.  

Who can join?

Our coaches would love to hear from you to chat through any questions you have. By filling out our sign-up form, you’re not committing just yet – you’re just agreeing to a coach reaching out for a chat about how we can help you. 

Meet Omar

Omar was kicked out of school twice and was at a crossroads in his life when he found out about the Spear Programme.



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What happens on the Spear Programme?

You will be in a group of around 15 other people in a similar situation to you. The group is run by friendly and experienced coaches. The programme runs Monday to Friday, 1:30 – 4pm for six weeks. Our coaches provide training in the skills you need to get a job, such as interview practice, CV writing, how to speak professionally and how to present yourself well. You will also receive access to job opportunities.

What’s different about the Spear Programme?

We believe anyone can overcome the barriers to work. Whether you have low confidence, mental health problems, a criminal record or no qualifications, we can help you find meaningful work and build a career.  

Who can join the Spear Programme?

Spear is designed for 16 to 24-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training. You need to be available Monday to Friday, 1:30 – 4pm for six weeks, and be able to travel to one of our centres.

Where does the Spear Programme take place?

We currently have thirteen centres across various locations in London, Brighton, Bournemouth and Leeds. These are:

  • Bethnal Green
  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Camden
  • Cheltenham
  • Clapham Junction
  • Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Islington
  • Kennington
  • Leeds
  • North Kensington
  • Preston

For more details about each location, select your preference from the dropdown menu above.

I'd rather not attend in person. Can I join online?

We would love to see you in person in our training room, but recognise that for some, this won’t be possible. We do have limited places to offer to join us online – please do get in touch with us to chat further.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get a job?

Our coaches will support you in every way possible to help you get into work. Whilst we cannot guarantee you’ll get a job, three out of four people who complete the initial six weeks of the Spear Programme do get into work or further training and are there a year later.

What kinds of jobs do people do after the Spear Programme?

Candidates go into a variety of jobs, from customer service, business admin, construction to a range of apprenticeships. Others go back to college or on to university. Once you’ve got a job, our coaches keep in touch with you for a year to help you think about the next steps in your career.  

How much does it cost?

The Spear Programme is completely free.

I can’t afford travel costs – can you help?

We can’t cover costs directly, but your Coach will be able to help you look into other options.