Spear Programme stories

"I left the hospital with no direction and no support... until I got a call who inviting me onto the Spear Programme."

Ayeisha suffered with borderline personality disorder, and found herself in an abusive relationship.

Chelsea was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at a young age.

The Spear Programme 2020

Jason was kicked out by his father at the age of 16.

"The Spear Programme changed my outlook completely."

"I’m confident in my options for the future"

"I was struggling to find work and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next."

"...[I was] sent out of the country for a forced marriage"

Dana's story

"...the police visited so often it sometimes felt like they lived with us."

Jada's social anxiety meant couldn’t even contemplate getting another job

"I had hit an all-time low. I had absolutely no one, I didn’t have anywhere I could go."

Amir was 15 when he was involved in an armed robbery

Kayley grew up in foster care, and was really unsure of her future.

Candi's dream of pursuing acting was put on hold due to Covid19.

Kasim moved to London after spending 18 months in prison in his hometown, Birmingham.

Ricky had seen himself as a victim, blaming everything else, but now he realises he does have options.

Renee had no self esteem. Then she took part in the Spear Programme online.

Connor was awaiting a court appearance when he arrived at Spear.

Adiad had a reputation in Harrow for being involved in crime.

George used to struggle with his anger

Abigail struggled with depression and felt like there was no hope

Laura left school feeling like she had no prospects

Damaris got kicked out of school and became a dad at 16

Shamar was arrested for robbery and felt that he couldn’t move on

Harrison was surrounded by violence and had stopped leaving his home

Fisa was struggling with her brother's death when she was thrown out of home

Khadeejah felt isolated and trapped in a violent relationship. She didn’t know where to turn to for help until she discovered Spear.

Omar was kicked out of school twice, and was at a crossroads in his life when he found Spear.

Catherine wasn't able to get into work due to struggling with anxiety and depression.