Spear Programme

Recruit a young person

If you need to fill vacancies or grow your business with young, diverse entry-level staff, Spear Programme candidates are ready and motivated to work.

Why recruit a Spear candidate?

1. Motivated Staff

  • Gain access to a young, motivated workforce.
  • Employ candidates with skills and attitudes necessary to thrive.
  • Make a long-term, positive investment for your business.

2. Placement Support

  • We work hard to ensure our young people achieve long-term success.
  • Our coaches support the young person for a whole year.
  • Managers also receive specialised training and support.

3. Successful Results

  • Spear Programme candidates are a source of untapped talent.
  • They have overcome significant disadvantage and offer an exceptional level of initiative, ability and creativity.
  • We are a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.


For further information, please contact james.woolley@resurgo.org.uk