Resurgo Consulting

Tailored programmes

Improving team performance

What would your organisation look like with a positive, collaborative and high performing team? We’ll partner with you to get there.

Here’s how we work:

1. Design phase >

– We scope, design and propose

We help you discover the pain points in your business and what good could look like. We then design a tailored programme that meets the needs of your business

2. Delivery phase >

– We survey, refine and deliver

We practice the tools and learnings to create lasting, sustainable change.

3. Embed phase >

– We review feedback, refresh and embed

We complete a survey process and review feedback to provide a clear picture of progress and inform ongoing support. We embed the skills practised through the programme.

How it can help

  • An engaged and committed team

  • Bridging of generational gaps

  • Get the best out of each other

  • Increased staff retention and job satisfaction

“Resurgo have taken our culture of feedback to a new level.” – Andy Ratcliffe, Impetus

Team dynamics

Using the innovative C-me Behavioural Colour Profiling tool, we help teams better understand one another in order to resolve underlying tensions, communicate more effectively and play to their strengths.

Feedback culture

We deliver coaching methods to help you establish a healthy framework for sharing feedback. You will learn how to use this shared language to set clear expectations, enhance team performance and build trusting relationships.

Managing millennials

Resurgo has successfully prepared more than 6,000 millennials from disadvantaged backgrounds for work through the award-winning Spear programme. We are uniquely positioned to support your organisation in developing the skills you need to engage, empower and deploy the next generation.

Performance management

Good managers know how to develop and get the best out of their direct reports. We offer powerful one-to-one tools to help managers learn how to effectively delegate and develop high-performing teams.

Meeting efficiency

Managers will learn the art of running effective team meetings. This includes how to achieve buy-in, include everyone in the discussion and deliver a clear plan of action.

Social impact

Utilise Resurgo’s expertise in social impact to create a precise and purposeful social impact plan around the issues that matter to your organisation. Develop clear impact metrics and goals to ensure your efforts are making a positive difference.

Our approach

At Resurgo consulting, application is everything. It is not enough to enjoy the training, we have designed our consulting programmes around ensuring everyone involved is quickly putting into practice what they have learned.

We do this through:

  • Highly interactive coaching sessions
  • Professionally trained coaches
  • Light on theory, heavy on practice
  • Time built in between sessions to apply learnings

I think it is the first bit of training that we’ve had where we have been really encouraged to apply it to our specific situations and then test each other in it

Amy Cook, Head of Research, Kea Consultants

The amount of thought and tailoring that went into the programme to specifically match what we needed as a company was quite impressive... Pretty much everything we wanted to be put in there, was given pride of place. 

Edmund Thomson Jones, Director, Kea Consultants

“The content is carefully thought through, so there is no waste – the teaching is fast, efficient and there’s enough practise time to embed it. It was a perfect level of stretch!”

Sam Stephens, Founding Partner, Macauley Search

It is difficult to take a topic like ‘giving and receiving feedback’ and try to work on it as a whole firm. Resurgo were able to engage across the whole firm at different levels and to deliver really useful, structured interactions. It was really engergising and impactful for our business. Would certainly recommend them to others.

Wol Kolade, Managing Partner, Livingbridge