Our Consultancy

Tailored programmes

Training bespoke to you and your team

Getting the ‘people stuff’ right at your workplace is so important. But it isn’t always easy. 

Whether it’s feedback left unsaid, that ‘waste of time’ 1-1, or the boss who never says what they’re really thinking – we can help.

We help teams…

… trust each other

Build authentic trust, where opinions are aired, mistakes admitted, and feelings articulated. 

… understand each other

Learn what makes your colleagues tick, and how to adapt your working styles to suit each other.

… give transparent  feedback

Learn to give (and receive!) feedback that actually improves your team performance, rather than creating resentment or animosity. 

… get equipped with coaching skills 

Listen, question and challenge your team in a way that motivates them to perform even better. 

… have healthy conflict 

Practise how to handle difficult conversations well, and engage in productive disagreements.

… deepen their social impact 

Work with our impact management experts to clarify, measure and improve your social mission. 

How we do it:

We listen to you, and design a bespoke programme to suit your organisation’s needs. We deliver training light on theory and heavy on practice. We review your feedback, and follow up with participants to really embed key learnings. 

Diversity and inclusion

We’re on our own journey towards becoming a truly diverse and anti-racist organisation. We have found our well-honed coaching approach absolutely crucial in cultivating a safe environment for open and real discussions, where everyone is able to contribute meaningfully, and diversity and inclusion can be properly fostered. We’ll work with you to do the same.