Resurgo Consulting

Tailored programmes

Improving team performance

We help teams to engage in the healthy conflict that is necessary to create a highly effective team.  By equipping them with simple and practical, yet transformative, communication and psychological tools to manage and communicate with candour, confidence and empathy, whether in-person or remote.

Drawing on 20 years of coaching expertise, we run virtual and in-person programmes.

We help teams:

Build trust

Build trust up, down and around teams by examining how team trust is built and where it is most fragile through the lens of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, enabling delegates to lead with authenticity,

Understand self and others

To uncover what makes teams tick, we use the C-me colour profiling system to better understand preferences of self and others, and practise flexing to different communication and working styles.

Develop a feedback culture

We deliver coaching methods to help you establish a healthy framework for sharing feedback in a way that creates change, not resentment.  Through the use of shared language to set clear expectations, build trusting relationships and enhance team performances.

Adopt a coaching mindset

Listening with curiosity that means the very best ideas get aired and delivered. Learning how to motivate people toward change and finding agreed actions by adopting The Coaching Approach to team interactions.

Have healthy conflict

Understand what turns a disagreement into a fight and how to prevent the shift from passive aggressive battles to blow-outs. Practise how to engage in productive conflict and to handle difficult conversations, even in the virtual world.

Create social impact

Use our expertise in social impact to create a precise and purposeful social impact plan around your organisation’s priority issues. Develop clear impact goals and metrics to achieve these.

Diversity and inclusion

Greater diversity, equality and inclusion means greater innovation, growth and impact. These topics can be a hotbed for difficult discussions.  We foster a safe environment for open and real discussions.  This allows everyone to meaningfully contribute to the changes required.  For diversity to thrive, we help clients become more aware and better collaborate for those necessary cultural and systemic changes.

Resurgo has successfully prepared more than 6,000 millennials from disadvantaged backgrounds for work through the award-winning Spear Programme. We are uniquely positioned to support your organisation in developing the skills you need to engage, empower and deploy the next generation.

The amount of thought and tailoring that went into the programme to specifically match what we needed as a company was quite impressive… Pretty much everything we wanted to be put in there, was given pride of place.

Edmund Thomson Jones, Director, Kea Consultants

How we do it:

1. Design phase >

– We listen, design and propose

We listen to help you discern the pain points in your team and to discover what an effective team could look like.  We design a tailored programme that meets those needs.

2. Delivery phase >

– We survey, refine and deliver

We conduct our own pre and post survey whilst relying on relevant data from the client’s ongoing surveys. We are light on theory and heavy on practice, as delegates practice the tools to create lasting change.

3. Embed phase >

– We review feedback, refresh and embed

We review feedback to provide a clear picture of progress to inform ongoing support.

I think it is the first bit of training that we’ve had where we have been really encouraged to apply it to our specific situations and then test each other in it.

Amy Cook, Head of Research, Kea Consultants

It is difficult to take a topic like ‘giving and receiving feedback’ and try to work on it as a whole firm. Resurgo were able to engage across the whole firm at different levels and to deliver really useful, structured interactions. It was really engergising and impactful for our business. Would certainly recommend them to others.

Wol Kolade, Managing Partner, Livingbridge