Resurgo Apprenticeships

Transforming training

Apprenticeships give young people an opportunity to start their career. We want to make it easy for you, the employer, to support them on this journey.

The Spear Programme supports a range of disadvantaged young people into employment. Our apprenticeship training provision can help if you want to support these young people in the workplace.

Award winning coaches

Our award-winning coaches deliver our apprenticeship training. Alongside 1 to 1 coaching the coaches also run small group sessions which encourage peer to peer learning as your apprentices adapt to their new workplace.

A work-ready talent pool

Our employability programme Spear prepares a diverse group of young people for work. Through our Spear network we can increase the quantity, and quality, of applicants applying for your apprenticeship positions.

Support every step of the way

We have fifteen years experience supporting organisations in diversifying their work force. We can support your line managers as you look to integrate your apprentices in to your work culture.

Delivering foundational skills training

We currently offer Customer Service Practitioner level 2 and Business Administration level 3 apprenticeship standards. These are entry level standards that can be applied to a variety of job roles.

If your workplace is exploring apprenticeships, then we would love to start a conversation.

You can read our Complaints Procedure here: Apprenticeships Complaints Procedure.