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Resurgo Ventures



Ranwo provides opportunities for companies and working professionals to hire assistants who complete their administrative tasks on a freelance basis. The organisation is centred around making companies more efficient by encouraging delegation and decreasing hiring costs. Ranwo also partners with local authorities and housing associations to provide training to single mothers looking to upskill or engage in work.

Social impact

Ranwo is determined to change the employment and financial outcomes of single mothers all over the UK. There are currently over 110,000 single mothers who are unemployed in London alone. Ranwo seeks to dismantle this statistic. They understand that it is extremely difficult to raise children while also engaging in full-time employment. Therefore, Ranwo exists to provide an employment option that is both flexible, fulfilling and opens single mothers up to future employment opportunities through the training they receive. Ranwo provides vocational training and employment to assist single mothers in developing the skills necessary to successful earn a sustainable income for their family.

Investment purpose

Ranwo is just about to roll out their training and virtual assistant services. Therefore, working capital is needed to build an initial client base using experienced professionals. Moreover, they will develop the learning materials and equipment necessary for taking on and training new assistants.