The Resurgo Social Impact Accelerator is a 12-week programme designed to challenge, connect and help social entrepreneurs thrive.

We are currently reviewing the Resurgo Ventures Programme.

We understand how hard it is to be a social entrepreneur; you want your organisation to grow, but it’s hard to get there on your own. You will already have a lot of what it takes to succeed, we can help you with the rest. Drop us your details to be kept up to date.

Who is it for?

Are you passionate about building a business that combines purpose and profit?

Are you determined to change the world and make it a better place?

Would you value a support network to guide you on your journey?

What’s involved?

  1. 12 week structured learning plan
  2. Group and one-to-one coaching sessions
  3. Access to a network of successful entrepreneurs
  4. 6 months free co-working space
  5. We’ll cover your expenses

Topics covered

  1. Focusing your business strategy
  2. Building your brand
  3. Financial Modelling
  4. Social Media and Marketing 
  5. Growing your customer base
  6. Effective leadership
  7. Applying design thinking
  8. Impact measurement

Previous participants on the Accelerator

Social Impact Accelerator FAQs

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How do I apply?

Applications are currently on pause as we review the Resurgo Ventures Programme.

What is the vision of Resurgo Ventures?

We connect creativity, talents and resources from across the community to create a greater society together.

This vision is rooted in Resurgo’s mission of social transformation. Resurgo Ventures is creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, experts and supporters to build a generation of businesses that combine purpose and profit.

What will the accelerator do for my business?

Your team will embark on a 12-week programme with a cohort of social entrepreneurs. You will receive training on:

  1. Core business mechanics
  2. Leadership and character development
  3. How to measure impact
  4. Embedding purpose at the heart of your business

You will receive bespoke training, mentorship and space to work from for the duration of the programme (with the potential to extend this further).  

Our goal is to help your businesses thrive and if needs be, to give you room to pivot or completely change direction.  We want you and your venture to graduate from the programme excited and fully prepared to execute your future plans.

Can anybody apply to be part of the cohort?

We work with people from all backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life. We embody Christian principles (e.g. honesty, integrity, valuing relationship) – so if you’re happy working with these principles, we’d love to work with you.

What types of businesses can apply?

We’re looking for businesses with social purpose, yet profitable enough to ensure sustainable future growth.

If successful, will I receive funding from the Accelerator?

Funding is obviously a critical element for the success of your venture.  

The Accelerator programme is designed to give you education and development so that the business is capable of attracting investment. Resurgo itself will not organise the fundraising but may put you in touch with an FCA regulated business that can, and will be able to advise you on the right amount of initial funding.  Three businesses graduating from our Accelerator raised £60,000 in initial funding and two of those have raised additional funding of more than £100,000 each. We provide you with all of the tools to build a great business but your passion and drive are the key ingredients.

Our programme ends with a Showcase Night which gives you the opportunity to tell your story to a room full of supporters.

Is there potential for further funding after the Accelerator?

Yes.  Our goal is to help your venture be a success and that means raising sufficient capital to achieve your business plan.  

As part of the Accelerator, we aim to equip your business with the necessary legal structure to attract discerning investors who will also be supporters of your social mission.  We also aim to ensure that the structure will make any investment eligible for EIS/SEIS tax reliefs.

Three of our ventures secured £30,000 in equity funding each which allowed them to apply for the important tax relief that investors look for in a start-up.  That investment was further increased to £60,000 each and we continue to assist these ventures in their business plans and strategies as they look to raise further funding.  

As a result of their development on the Accelerator programme, there was a high investor interest to fund each of these ventures and they were able to achieve their fundraising objectives.

Will I have access to mentors, networks and advisers to help grow my business?

Our broad network includes experienced entrepreneurs, professional services experts (i.e. accounting, legal, regulatory) and marketing specialists. They share a genuine interest in the positive development of businesses with a focus on social purpose.

What does the Accelerator cost?

We ask for a 3% equity stake in your business which aligns us with you as a founder and is important to potential investors as our financial reward is completely tied to your long-term success.

Resurgo is a registered UK charity and any proceeds from our holdings in your venture will be reinvested in our charitable efforts.

What happens after the Accelerator?

Participants become permanent members of an influential network of innovators, industry experts and supporters.  Our Accelerator alumni also have the opportunity to use our Central London co-working space for the 3 months following the programme and reinvest their growing expertise into future cohorts.

Are travel expenses covered?

Successful applicants will receive £2,500 at the start of the programme as an investment into their business and help defray some of the costs you may incur while attending the programme.  This money can be used at the discretion of the founders.

Do I need to live in London to apply?

No, we are keen to build a UK-wide cohort. However, you will need to travel to central London at least once a week for the duration of the programme.

Am I required to go full-time on my venture to be considered?

We believe that being committed full-time to your venture will enable you to have the best chance of flourishing. However, we understand that not everyone has this freedom – we are open to flexible working arrangements that get the best out of your team.

Do you require a certain number of founders?

There is no fixed number though we prefer to work with two to three-person teams, as we have found this size of team gets the most out of going through the Accelerator programme together.

Can I apply if I’ve already had an investment or have been on another Accelerator programme?

We understand that being an entrepreneur is often a journey and that your current business may have transformed along the way. We evaluate opportunities in their current form and look to assist those people and businesses that we can benefit the most.

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