Case Studies

Resurgo Ventures


HOLOS was one of the seven ventures we worked with on our 2017 Resurgo Ventures Social Impact Accelerator.


HOLOS creates products that foster health, wellness and vitality. Their flagship product is kombucha, a chilled, teabased fermented soft drink that is low in sugar and promotes gut health.

Social Impact

The HOLOS mission is to encourage and equip survivors of trafficking to gain meaningful employment through training, job opportunities and charity partnerships.

There are over 30,000 victims of trafficking in the UK. Sadly even if all these persons escaped their situation, 40% of them would be re-trafficked. Access to employment significantly reduces this risk. To that end, the HOLOS vision is to grow the business whereby one in four employees is a survivor of trafficking.

In addition, through the HOLOS ownership structure, profits are shared with charity projects supporting employability of survivors of trafficking, starting with the Sophie Hayes Foundation Day 46 Programme.

Investment Purpose

HOLOS is trialling their kombucha across West London in independent coffee shops and food markets. There are two purposes for investment:

Build HOLOS’ brand through increased market penetration, social media campaigns and events.

At present, production capacity is constrained to 750 bottles per month. To meet increased demand, HOLOS will invest in the establishment of a larger production facility.