Case Studies

Resurgo Ventures

New Ground Coffee


New Ground is an artisanal, ethical coffee company offering highest quality roasted coffee to discerning customers through wholesale, internet order and subscription. The founders carefully select only ethical beans and have developed proprietary roasting profiles, to bring out unique and satisfying coffee flavours. Since launching the company at the start of the year, New Ground have developed sales channels with independent coffee shops. Their website was launched in June and retail internet orders are increasing rapidly.

Social Impact

It is well documented that prisoners are 67% less likely to reoffend after release if they have jobs. That’s where New Ground fits in. They roast high grade, specialty coffee in Oxford and use it as a vehicle to train and create employment for ex-offenders in a long-term, sustainable future in the growing coffee industry. New Ground also work with small-scale farmers who produce the best coffees around the world, and ensure that these farmers are paid fairly and their communities are positively impacted. They partner with Olam Specialty Coffee to maximise community impact across the whole supply chain, going much further than just ‘fair trade’.

Investment Purpose

Purchase of roasting equipment and installation into a location that will also be a training facility and café. Roasting is a high margin part of the business.