Adiad’s story

About Adiad

Adiad had a reputation in Harrow for being involved in petty crime. He came to Spear with a desire to get himself back on the right track. Adiad had a partner and a three year-old son, but they all lived with his mum, whom he cared for. In fact, he had grown up as a child carer trying to look after his mum who has several mental disabilities.

Adiad was not someone who wanted to be living a criminal lifestyle to provide for his family. When he came to Spear, he had given up hanging around with people who were a bad influence on him. However he was also a very insecure young man; he didn’t want to come in without a hat or coat on due to a skin condition that embarrassed him.

How we supported Adiad

On the programme, Adiad always challenged the coaches with hard questions such as, “How do you come into work positive when hard things are going on outside of work? Like last night I didn’t sleep because my son was sick and now today I’m finding it hard to focus in the session.”

The Spear coaches saw him develop into a very professional young man who could be trusted with responsibility and who chose to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations. His confidence had grown so much that, by the end of the programme, he walked in each day in a suit and tie – no more hat and coat.

What Adiad is doing now

Within four weeks of finishing the programme, Adiad secured a Christmas contract at Primark. He built strong relationships with his team and developed such a good reputation that they offered him a permanent position. Now he takes pride in his role at work and in the way he supports his family.