Mark’s story

“[My coach] Megan really pushed me to become the person I am today.

Before Spear, I’d say my biggest challenge was my grades. I didn’t do too well for my A-levels; I got quite bad grades and that was a big thing for me because I had such high expectations growing up. My mum really expected me to get A*s in all my subjects. It really affected me personally; at times I’d have suicidal thoughts, and I used to have panic attacks sometimes. Therapy really helped me get out of that, and then taking a step forward, coming to Spear, helped me out of that space.

One of the main things I’ve learnt here is my communication skills. Before I’d be all closed, looking to the ground, but now I’m a lot more enthusiastic and confident when I speak – and that’s all thanks to Spear.

Because of my performance here [on Spear] and because of what I’ve done here, I managed to secure a job! I’ll be working as a Learning Support Assistant, working with kids with Special Educational Needs. The main thing is that it’s going to get me on that career ladder – which is something that Spear taught me; getting yourself on the ladder and building yourself up from there.

One goal of mine is to work in finance or investment banking. Before Spear, I was demotivated to look into finance because of my grades, and I thought, okay, I’ll have to settle for something less. But Spear really encouraged me to go for my dreams and to push through.”

Mark completed the Spear Programme at Spear Clapham Junction in October 2022. He is currently working in marketing. Huge thanks to Mark for giving permission to share his story.