Lexi’s story

“Before the Spear Programme, I’d been out of work for almost a year, which was extremely challenging. I grew up in foster care and I am very disconnected from my family. I live alone and being isolated made it really hard to find the motivation to look for work every day.  

I was applying for jobs but not getting them. I started to lose positivity and hope, and began to think ‘It’s my fault, I can’t do this right – maybe there’s something wrong with me.’ There was nobody there to reassure me, and I lost any reason to keep trying. 

Being on the Spear Programme gave me a genuine reason to get out of bed; meeting other young people and the lovely coaches made me realise I’m not in this by myself.

It changed my outlook completely.

I felt like I could truly learn something on Spear because I was so comfortable there – the coaches and other trainees made me feel like I could say anything, because it felt like the only place where people understood my situation.

I’m now working selling Covid test kits to hospitals, doctors and the public. I felt a bit apprehensive having been out of work for so long, but I really love it. It’s one of those places where work doesn’t feel like work – I’m so happy to be there.”

Lexi completed the Spear Programme online in Autumn 2020.