Jada’s story

I used to work at the Premier Inn, but stayed behind the scenes as a kitchen porter where I didn’t have to interact with anyone. I found engaging with people extremely difficult, and eventually had to quit my job as my social anxiety had become so bad.

My self-confidence plummeted. I really wanted to work with young children, but couldn’t even contemplate getting another job.

My work coach at the Job Centre told me about the Spear Programme. Even going along to the Intro Day was really hard for me. I was anxious, and doubtful about how it would help me. But I decided to go for it. Week by week, I kept pushing myself to speak up more in sessions, and my confidence started to grow. I built strong the other trainees, which I hadn’t expected to be the case.

In week four, I applied for a Nursery Apprenticeship. My Spear coaches supported me through a mock interview to help me prepare. The chance to practice was so valuable; I had great feedback, and I went into the real interview the next day feeling confident. I received a call straight away to offer me the job!

I now work at Devonshire Hill Nursery and Primary School, and am loving it. The days are tiring but rewarding. Before the Spear Programme, I would never have imagined having the confidence to work in this kind of role. I’m so grateful to Spear for how they have supported me; I regularly pop in to say hello and keep in touch with the group.