“I was struggling to find work and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next”

 “Before the Spear Programme, I was hearing nothing back from job applications. I was struggling to find work and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I felt I wasn’t qualified for anything, didn’t know how to sell my skills, and was struggling to present myself confidently in applications and interviews.

I was advised by my council employment coach to try the Spear Programme. I wasn’t sure it would be very useful, but felt I had nothing to lose by going along – and it would get me out of the house.

As well as really helpful very practical advice (like where to look for jobs, what to wear for interviews, and how to write application letters), Spear taught me great communication and teamwork, which translated to a more positive mindset and more confidence in myself generally. Having felt so down on myself, the best part was meeting others in a similar position to me. I felt less alone, and realised I did have a lot of employable skills. I left the Spear Programme feeling much better about myself.

Shortly before coronavirus struck, and with everything I had learned on Spear, I successfully got a job as a Support Worker with a mental health organisation. I now work with people who are regaining independence after time in hospital for mental health. My role involves organising and leading activity sessions such as cooking and art, helping clients out with any day to day issues, and lots of admin. I also have to intervene in disputes, so the conflict resolution training on the Spear Programme comes in very helpful! 

The shifts can be quite tiring but it is also rewarding to be helping people move forward in their lives. Longer term, I might like to work in the charity sector, or go back to university to help me get jobs higher up the career ladder.”

Elly completed the Spear Programme in Kennington, shortly before the COVID19 lockdown. They have since been back in touch to discuss referring their own caseload of clients to our Re-Work programme!