Dana’s story

Before the Spear Programme, I was in a cycle of self-sabotage when it came to applying for jobs. I was applying for roles I knew there was no chance of being offered, and being disappointed each time. My mental health was suffering; I was eventually referred to the Spear Programme by my therapist.

The coaches on Spear completely turned my mindset around. They helped me realise I was in control of my own life and decisions. They encouraged me that there were jobs I was absolutely capable of getting. I had great feedback from my mock interview which was an added confidence boost. In the fifth week of the programme, I had an interview with Nuffield Health and was offered a receptionist job which was amazing and great experience. But my ultimate goal was always to study psychology at some point, so I’m really excited to now be attending Birkbeck College doing just that!

Being on the Spear Programme was such a huge confidence boost. I’m grateful for how it increased my self-esteem, and made me realise I am able to do anything.