News - 18th July, 2017

Spear’s Focus on Impact Endorsed by New Philanthropy Capital

A new report from charity think tank, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), collating research conducted into the quality of impact measurement in the charitable sector has chosen Spear’s impact work as an example of best practice in the field.

The case study outlines Spear’s impact journey over the past four years.

Rosanna Thomasoo from NPC said, “After speaking to over thirty youth employment organisations internationally, we were very impressed by Resurgo’s use of data and approach to impact management. Looking specifically at The Spear Programme, it was clear that Resurgo has a true understanding of its beneficiaries and the outcomes they wish to realise.

“Using both fast and slow feedback mechanisms to evaluate impact and continually improve its service, we were encouraged by the degree of beneficiary involvement in Resurgo’s impact management practice. For these reasons we decided to showcase Resurgo as a case study for three of the dimensions of impact: ‘Understanding what outcomes the effect relates to’, how much of the effect occurs’, and ‘who is affected’.”

Luke Watson, Resurgo’s Head of Impact, comments, “NPC is widely respected in the sector for their rigour in research and we welcomed the opportunity to share our learnings with them. We are glad that they felt able to use our work as a case study. We have invested heavily in ensuring that our impact work really does ensure we help our young people achieve the best possible outcomes, and it is wonderful for it to be recognised in this way.”

Read more about the project here.