News - 13th March, 2018

“Social Impact not a Niche” Head of Resurgo Ventures tells Said Business School, Oxford

Gordon Eichhorst, Head of Resurgo Ventures, presented the vision for Resurgo Ventures’ new accelerator programme at Said Business School at the University of Oxford on Friday 9th March.

Focusing upon the generation of entrepreneurs seeking to put social purpose firmly at the heart of their business plan, he set out how Resurgo will equip individuals and organisations to maximise the impact of their business at the same time as making a sustainable financial return.

Gordon Eichhorst said, “Social impact investing is broadly viewed as an interesting niche between philanthropy and pure financial investing. In fact, every business impacts society and needs to be aware of its positive and negative contributions.  The accelerator programme is an initiative that allows Resurgo to engage with a large and increasing group within the community that is active in seeking change to increase social impact.”

The accelerator will run for 12 weeks, drawing together world-class experts to deliver training, including business strategy, social impact measurement, marketing, operations and product building – as well as being underpinned by a focus on character, purpose and leadership. Successful applicants will also receive equity investment and access to free office space for the duration of the programme.

The Accelerator programme launches on 16th April in London. Applications close on 16th March – find out more here.