News - 28th November, 2023

Resurgo seeks to equip 1,000 young people for their Inspiring Futures 

Resurgo is today launching a match-funding Inspiring Futures campaign, delivered through the Big Give, thanks to generous pledges from the EQ Foundation and other individuals.  

The campaign seeks to raise a total of £80,000, to help 1,000 young people access the Spear Programme in 2024, and step into the inspiring futures Resurgo knows are possible for them. 

Latest reports indicate there are currently 795,000 unemployed young people in the UK1. 35% of this demographic state they feel like they are going to fail in life2. 

This is indicative of a wider mental health crisis in young people: the NHS report that more than 1 in 5 children and young people have a probable mental disorder and a third of young people say they have no self-belief or motivation at all4 

Resurgo’s Spear Programme is working to reverse this narrative for young people who most need support, equipping them with practical tools and a resilient mindset to realise their huge potential and thrive in work. 75% of those who complete the foundation phase of the programme not only get into work or education, but are still there a year later.  

Ella Pugh-Smith, Resurgo’s Head of Philanthropy, said, “We know unemployed young people have huge potential, and are committed to supporting them to realise this for themselves. Every penny of our Inspiring Futures campaign could help a young person struggling with chronic anxiety or disengagement to recognise their value, and equip them with the skills and confidence they need to step into their future and place in society. We are particularly excited that this match-funding campaign allows our supporters’ generosity to go even further – and grateful to for the generous pledges of individual donors and the EQ Foundation who have made it possible.”  

Inspiring Future is a time-limited campaign, offering the opportunity for supporters’ donations to be doubled, at no extra cost to them – but for one week only.  

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