News - 4th June, 2024

Resurgo launches Backing the Future campaign 

Resurgo is today launching its Backing the Future match-funding campaign. The campaign aims to raise a total of £50,000, to help more than 1,000 young people access the award-winning Spear Programme over the next year, where they will receive expert coaching to equip them with the work-ready skills and mindset they need to succeed in employment. 

Ella Pugh-Smith, Resurgo’s Head of Philanthropy, says, “There are an estimated 900,000 young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) in the UK¹. Many are facing difficult circumstances; of those who are NEET, half say that the uncertainty of the past few years (which include a pandemic, cost of living crisis and plummeting levels of mental health) has made them feel hopeless about their future² 

At Resurgo, we believe every young person has potential to reverse this narrative, and we’re inviting you to join us in backing their futures. Together, by backing our future scientists, philosophers, leaders and creatives to step into fulfilling work, we can help society to really flourish. We’re particularly excited that this campaign offers our supporters an exciting time-limited opportunity to have their generosity doubled, at no extra cost to them.” 

The campaign coincides with Resurgo marking its having supported 10,000 young people across the country since the Spear Programme’s inception. The charity is looking to the next 10,000, with plans for growth including the launch of at least two more Spear Centres later this year. 

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2. The Prince’s Trust Natwest Youth Index 2024