News - 17th April, 2024

Resurgo launches 2023 Impact Report 

Resurgo’s new Impact Report is available today, featuring insight from their charitable Spear Programme, supporting unemployed young people, and Consultancy work, coaching organisations to consider their social impact.  

The report features highlights from Resurgo’s 20th anniversary year, including their work with more than 1,000 young people across the country, and new Employer Partnership with Nando’s.  

Pete Bacon, Resurgo’s Impact Director, shares, “I’m delighted to launch our 2023 Impact Report! At Resurgo, we are proud to be a high impact organisation, who take impact management seriously. That means we not only measure our impact, but consistently seek to hone and improve it. Each year this publication serves as an opportunity to showcase both: our impressive impact, made possible by our committed partners and supporters, but also our key learnings and goals for the year ahead. I hope that those who delve into the report are left encouraged by the change that is made possible when society comes together, and inspired to consider their own part to play.” 

Iona Ledwidge, Chief Executive Officer, adds, “Our 2023 Impact Report serves as an exciting testament to another year of impressive impact! But whilst there is much to celebrate, we know there remain huge social challenges to tackle. I am hopeful for all that we will achieve in 2024, and eager to continue building upon our impressive impact management foundation.” 

Later today, guests will gather at Broadgate Tower in the City of London to hear from Pete; to delve into the highlights of the report, and to consider how Resurgo is changing the employment landscape for young people. 

Read Resurgo’s 2023 Impact Report in full here.

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