News - 5th October, 2020

Resurgo joins Love Your Neighbour in Coronavirus Response

Resurgo is delighted that our continued partnership with Love Your Neighbour, a nationwide alliance of 1,250 churches and other organisations, will enable us to continue to support those whose employment prospects have been affected by the pandemic.

Love Your Neighbour have been selected as one of the charities to receive funding from the government’s Community Match Challenge. As part of the programme, the government will be matching the funding raised by donors and the 52 hubs within the Love Your Neighbour Network, of which we are one of. Together, the hubs are offering crisis food provision, money and debt advice, and employment training and support to those who slip through the cracks in existing provision, and are most in need in our communities.

Resurgo’s delivery of the Spear programme online, targeted at 16-24-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training, as well as expanding the Spear Programme’s delivery nationally and our new employability programme, Re-Work, will benefit from the funding.

Re-Work, aimed at anyone facing unemployment due to the pandemic, has seen a good response to pilot programmes, and we plan to roll the programme out nationally in the coming months.

Jo Rice, Chief Executive of Resurgo, said: “Since the pandemic struck, our focus has been on supporting those most affected as part of Resurgo’s wider mission to transform society. We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Love Your Neighbour to do this at a community level. This opportunity will enable us to equip those facing unemployment due to Covid-19 to find employment in an increasingly tough jobs market.”