News - 1st June, 2016

Resurgo featured in The Independent and Metro

Resurgo’s findings on the top reasons young people fail to get a job was featured in both The Independent online and Metro newspaper earlier in May.

Alongside lateness, the other main issues Resurgo has found to be barriers into work for young people include:

1. Employees only completing a minimal amount of work

2. Not following orders

3. Inappropriate language or dress

Jo Rice, Resurgo’s Managing Director, was quoted as saying: “It only takes one bad habit to ruin a good first impression, and turning up late for a job interview or your first day is the surest way to do it. You might think people would get the message about being on time just from going to school, but it doesn’t always translate.”

Spear has worked with over 3,500 young people tackling these kinds of basic issues to help them secure employment.

Read the full article in The Independent here.