News - 23rd February, 2016

Resurgo Chief Executive Tom Jackson Interviewed at CSJ Founder’s Lecture

Tom Jackson, Resurgo Chief Executive, was interviewed by Baroness Philippa Stroud (pictured above) at the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) Founder’s Lecture on 23rd February, acknowledging his contribution as a founding member of the think-tank in 2004.

Alongside Cameron Watt, Tom spoke about the early days of the CSJ. Having been involved with various social transformation projects in Hammersmith, Tom was involved in setting up the think-tank as another response to tackling poverty. He highlighted the way in which the CSJ has influenced him since, primarily around the importance of community-based social innovation and ‘the need to scale that, to improve the excellence of the programmes themselves and the enabling environment around it’.

Spear, Resurgo’s employment initiative, has aimed to be an example of this, working in the local community to evoke social change and paying attention to impact measurement, achieving best-in-class outcomes.

The interview was followed by the Rt Hon Ian Duncan Smith MP, who delivered the keynote address. Mr Duncan Smith spoke about the policy impact the CSJ’s work has had since its inception, such as the report It Happens Here, which led to the Modern Slavery Act in 2015.

A video of the lecture is available below and more information can be found on the CSJ’s website.