News - 17th April, 2019

Resurgo Announces Launch of Spear Centre in North Kensington

Following a successful pilot programme, Resurgo is delighted to announce the launch of the award-winning Spear Programme in North Kensington this May, in association with HTB Dalgarno Way and partnering with the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation.

The new Spear North Kensington centre will be established close to Latimer Road tube station, where the local community has been impacted by the tragedy of the Grenfell fire. Like in many parts of the capital, young people are facing challenges such as knife crime, struggles with education and poor mental health, leaving many feeling hopeless about the future. The Spear Programme will offer a positive future to young people in the local area struggling with these serious social challenges.

Twelve young people have successfully completed the Spear North Kensington pilot programme, and were able to celebrate this achievement at their Spear Celebration evening this week. Over the course of six weeks they were challenged to step out of their comfort zone, improve their interview skills and build their resilience in order to find work.

One young person said about the programme:

“I have been struggling with my mental health since I was 14 and in recent years I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Spear has taught me how I was in a fixed mindset and that I do have control over what I commit to. It has given me many transferable skills that I will definitely use in the workplace.”

Tom Jackson, CEO of Resurgo, said, “Our huge thanks go to HTB Dalargano Way and the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation who have caught the vision of the Spear Programme. We are greatly looking forward to Spear making an important impact in North Kensington”.

Over the next 12 months, Spear North Kensington will help 90 local young people people to overcome their challenges in order to get into work and realise their full potential