News - 13th March, 2015

Bishop of London Visits a Spear Class

We were delighted to have the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, visit our Spear centre in Hammersmith on 5th March.

During his visit, the Bishop observed one of our Spear classes and had the opportunity to talk to some of the young people, to help gain a better understanding of how the programme works and how the skills they develop will help them progress into either further education or directly into the workplace.

Tom Jackson, our CEO said:

“We wish to thank Bishop Richard for the support he has shown to Resurgo over the past ten years as we have sought to increase the local church’s impact in tackling social issues, such as youth unemployment. We were honoured to show Bishop Richard our award-winning Spear course today and thank him for his ongoing support.”

To find out more about Spear, our employability initiative, please visit our Spear website.