News - 25th February, 2020

‘Benchmarking Resurgo’: Spear Programme trainees are 3x more likely to be in work or education than their peers

Impetus’ Benchmarking Resurgo paper, published today alongside Resurgo’s own Impact Report and The Employment Gap in London report, from Impetus and  London Councils, conclusively proves that the Spear Programme is positively impacting the employment outcomes of 16-24 year-olds in tangible ways.


In 2018/19, Resurgo was selected for a ground-breaking benchmarking project in partnership with Impetus. The project used a new government dataset – the Longitudinal Educational Outcomes (LEO) data – which is the first of its kind, to enable the tracking of young peoples’ outcomes through education and in to employment.


For the first time, this has allowed Resurgo to compare the outcomes achieved by Spear trainees with similar groups from the wider population.


The results, published today, show that “Spear trainees significantly out-performed the benchmark for every level of disadvantage, education and age.” (Impetus); young people who have been through the Spear Programme are over three times more likely to be in work or education three months after completing the Spear Programme, compared to those who haven’t been through the programme.


Today’s The Employment Gap in London report explains why targeted support for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds is so necessary. The report suggests that urgent help is needed for London’s youth; despite notable successes in London, it remains the case that ‘young Londoners are more likely to be out of education, employment or training than the national average’.


Jo Rice, CEO of Resurgo, said “At Resurgo, we recognise that good intentions aren’t enough. We strive to exercise our heads as much as we use our hearts, and need to know if we actually can make a difference. We are therefore really thrilled about how the Spear Programme performs against the national benchmark. It’s data like this that allows us to share best practice across the sector – so young people get the support they need and deserve.”


Andy Ratcliffe, CEO of Impetus, said, “I’m so proud of the work we’ve been doing with Resurgo – not only to deliver a fantastic programme to get young Londoners on a path to work or training – but also to put their programme under the microscope to see whether they truly are having an impact. Our research shows too few young Londoners are moving out of unemployment into a job, and our work with Resurgo shows a better future is possible.”


  • Resurgo today publishes its first ever Impact Report outlining its thorough approach to impact management and results that demonstrate substantial impact.
  • Read Impetus’ Youth Jobs Gap series of research in full here:
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