News - 7th May, 2019

Tickets available for our Resurgo Ventures Summer Accelerator Launch Party

Tickets are now available for our Resurgo Ventures Summer Accelerator Launch Party. This exciting event will bring together individuals and experts from the social enterprise world, to hear more about the social impact vision of the entrepreneurs in this Accelerator cohort.

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The Resurgo Ventures Summer Accelerator has welcomed entrepreneurs from REDEEM, Brothers We Stand, Good Butter Co and Columbian Artisan Coffee to the 12-week learning programme.

REDEEM is a digital donation platform aiming to capture people’s compassion and empower them to give in a responsible and purposeful way, by gifting needed products and services to meet both short-term and long-term needs.

Brothers We Stand brings together collections of ethical men’s clothing, supporting you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear. Through a process of rigorous research, every product in their collection meets standards of ethical production, designed to please and created to last.

Good Butter Co makes fair, convenient and affordable skincare products. They aim to empower the women and families whose hard work makes their products possible, by working with and sourcing exclusively from female-led cooperatives in West Africa.

Columbian Artisan Coffee trades in speciality coffee. They work with coffee roasting companies in the UK and Ireland, buying coffee from rural farming communities in Latin America, and use cutting-edge blockchain technology to monitor the supply chain, in order to create investment in this underdeveloped part of the world.

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Entrepreneurs from each of these social impact ventures will be at the Accelerator Launch Party where guests can meet them and discuss their enterprises. Tickets to the event are available here.

Resurgo Ventures backs emerging entrepreneurs we believe can make an unbelievable difference in the world by helping them establish highly scalable and impactful enterprises.

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