Trusts and foundations

Through our impactful partnerships with Trusts and Foundations, we’re tackling some of society’s most pressing issues. Join us today and let’s transform hundreds more lives, together. 

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By choosing to support us, you’ll be transforming hundreds of lives each year. You can do so through the work of Resurgo as a whole, or by targeting your support to one of our charitable initiatives specifically – the Spear Programme or Re-Work.  


Our commitment to you

We know there are many good causes where you could direct your support. We won’t take your partnership for granted, and will commit to the following: 

Long-term impact

Our work is set apart by its coaching approach and focus on soft skills and attitudes. It’s these, more than short-term practical fixes, that really embed change – meaning you can be confident your support has a long-term impact.  

A tailored partnership

We’ll work with you to tailor a bespoke partnership that suits your objectives. You’ll have a key contact, receive tailored proposals and regular reporting.  

Your work in action

We’re proud to offer unique opportunities for you to see your support in action. Meet our trainees and coaches face to face, either in the training room or at Spear Celebration

Why support Resurgo and the Spear Programme?

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Track record

Since launching the Spear Programme in 2004, we’ve support more than 7,500 young people. We’re proud that 75% of those who completed the first six weeks of Spear (Spear Foundation) not only get into work or further training, but remain there a year later. 

Our coaching approach

Coaching equips our trainees to make a change for themselves. We don’t simply give them the answers; we work with them to identify blockers, and raise their belief that they can find solutions for themselves. 

Plus, we’re really good at it. Find out more about our coaching expertise here. 

Holistic approach

We don’t hand simply hand our trainees a CV and send them on their way. Rather, our programme content focusses on soft skills to help trainees tackle attitudinal and behavioural issues. We’re all about changing the mindset of disengaged young people, empowering them to build resilience, negotiate conflict, manage their emotions, and take responsibility for their own futures. 

Ongoing support

Each trainee who completes the initial six-week Spear Foundation receives a full year of follow-on support. This one-to-one support from their coach is tailored to their specific needs. This might look like dedicated job application support and interview preparation, or coaching around progressing in their career. 

Work with employers

We partner with employers, including Burberry, EQ Investors (Financial Services), to provide employment opportunities to young people who wouldn’t necessarily be accessible to them. Our ‘Hire Me’ events bring together our trainees to meet directly with local employers offering life job opportunities 

Top-notch impact data

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of impact. Thanks to the quality of our data, we know that Spear trainees are 3x more likely to be in work or education 3 months after Spear, than their similarly benchmarked peers. We pride ourselves that we are consistently in touch with 95% of our trainees a full year after the programme, giving us huge confidence in our outcome data. 

For further information, please contact Ella Pugh-Smith, Trusts & Foundations Manager at

My team and I work with about 80 social enterprises and charities a year on their impact measurement and reporting, and Resurgo stands out above them all. From the rigour of how they’ve devised and articulated their vision to the focus on impact measurement they’ve built within the team… [Resurgo] goes straight to the top of the class.

Steve Coles, founder and Managing Director, intentionality CIC

More than most charities, Resurgo uses data-driven, state-of-the-art performance management systems and practices, as well as externally conducted evaluations in order to hold itself accountable to the young people it serves.  Indeed, there are very few organisations in the social sector that I admire as much as Resurgo.

David Hunter, International consultant to the nonprofit sector

Tuixen has been impressed by many things about Resurgo […] Above all, the skills of the Resurgo team; their care and desire to support everyone as an individual and the confidence and self-knowledge displayed by the young people once they’ve received this support.

Tuixen Foundation, supporting Resurgo since 2015

After speaking to over 30 youth employment organisations internationally, we were very impressed by Resurgo’s use of data and approach to impact management. Resurgo has a true understanding of its beneficiaries and the outcomes they wish to realise.

Rosanna Thomasoo, New Philanthropy Capital