“I’m confident in my options for the future”

Kindness’ story:

“I didn’t anticipate that finding an apprenticeship would be so difficult. I went for interviews and work trials back-to-back, but no one would hire me. I got sick of the constant rejection and eventually decided to take a ‘break’ which went on for months and left me with no money. I was shy and lacked confidence – I underestimated my own abilities, and went into most situations with the expectation and acceptance of failure.

An apprenticeship provider introduced me to the Spear Programme. At first, I was a bit wary – I didn’t see how it would be helpful to me personally. However, I eventually decided that I literally had nothing better to do and nothing to lose so I decided to give it a go, even if just to find a reason to get out of the house.

I’m grateful that the Spear Programme pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always been good at public speaking because in that situation I have a topic and a purpose – but I struggled when it came to normal social interactions with unfamiliar people. This was hindering my employment as I would come off as uninterested and disengaged, when in reality, I was just too shy. My Spear coach challenged me to work on my small talking and social skills. I didn’t enjoy this, but it really helped!

We were also taught that the brain creates neural pathways and we can actually alter our brain structure if we keep trying to change our behaviours and attitudes. I needed to change my attitude – I could stay settled in the ‘woe is me’ victim mentality, or I could break out into the power mentality and take charge of my life.

With this new mentality and Spear’s help, I was successful in getting a job as a receptionist and office runner at a TV production company. I help to make sure the office runs smoothly day-to-day, and help the different production teams with various tasks – which has given me a great insight into some of the work that goes on behind the scenes of the TV shows we watch and enjoy.

I’m confident in my options for the future. There’s plenty of room for growth within the company I’m working at now, but I might also decide to get some further qualifications either at university or as an apprentice. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have our whole lives planned out, but I don’t believe that’s necessary. With the help of the Spear Programme, I’ve learnt transferable skills and developed qualities that I know will help me wherever life takes me next.”

Kindness completed the Spear Programme in Kennington in 2020.