"I’ve really enjoyed my time [on the Spear Programme]. I feel more hopeful and positive about my future."

Mollod, Spear Programme trainee

"I am really impressed by how far the whole group has come and how they all spoke so eloquently - particularly difficult on Zoom!"

Louise, Trust & Foundation supporter

"The Spear Programme is bringing more confidence out in me than ever before ... hearing other peoples stories has been so helpful – knowing I’m not the only one."

Jack, Spear Programe trainee

"I feel like I’m involved in something – my contributions are not just helping me, but those around me too."

Shanna, Spear Programme trainee

"Thank you for that Zoom call. Just that in itself made me feel better to know I’m not the only one in this situation, and we now have a group of people who will support one another."

Spear Programme trainee