News - 4th June, 2020

Resurgo stands in solidarity with the Black community

We stand in solidarity with the Black community, and people everywhere who experience the injustice of racism. We are acutely aware that systemic racism is deeply woven into UK society, as well as beyond, and reject this in all its forms.

Resurgo exists to bring about social transformation, and we know that this cannot happen without transformation in the sphere of racial inequality.

We know we have sometimes got this wrong. There are times in our 17 years when people who have worked with or for us may not have felt seen or heard in speaking on this topic, or may have been hurt because of our words or actions. This is not acceptable, and we are deeply sorry.

We know there is much more we could do.

We are committed to listening, to being challenged, and to learning how best to champion our staff, trainees, and partners of black and ethnic minority backgrounds. We want to work to ensure they are not disadvantaged for the colour of their skin, but that their diversity, talents and unique contributions take their rightful place at the heart of the society we hope to build together.