News - 25th April, 2023

Resurgo launches latest Impact Report

Resurgo launched their latest Impact Report today, showcasing the story of their work in 2022, inspiring and equipping organisations to create ambitious and sustainable change. 

This year, they were selected as the first organisation in the UK to have their national employability programme, Spear, independently evaluated by the Department for Work and Pensions’ Employment Data Lab, thanks to their high-quality data. 

The results of this external evaluation are published alongside the following findings: 

  • The Spear programme gets young people into work quickly: 61% of Spear Programme trainees who were in work or education 12 months after Spear, first entered work or education within just 2 months of the programme.  
  • 42% of trainees enrolled on Resurgo’s Spear Programme reported struggling with the barrier of mental health. Despite this barrier (alongside many others), 75% of young people who complete the initial six weeks of Spear both get into work or education, and are still there a year later. 
  • In 2022 Resurgo worked with 16 employers at their ‘Hire Me’ events; delivered consultancy coaching to 52 clients; and worked with 18 local church partners. 

Pete Bacon, Impact Director, says: 

“We are all too aware of the multiple challenges that face our society – especially for the most vulnerable – but we also see many reasons to hold on to hope.  

I am therefore excited to share with you our latest Impact Report, packed full of data and stories that I trust will give you plenty of reasons to be hopeful as you read.” 

Resurgo is a coaching organisation that specialises in impact management, holding to the highest standards of measuring and managing their impact.  

Read Resurgo’s 2022 Impact Report here