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The brilliant team that ran The Resurgo Ventures Accelerator Programmes from 2019-2021 has formed a new organisation, Impact Central, and are running an outstanding online accelerator for early-stage social impact entrepreneurs.    

If you’re an entrepreneur, find out more about Impact Central here.

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Find out more about Impact Central here.

Resurgo is delighted to have partnered with the Impact Central team as both contributors to the new programme and as shareholders. The Resurgo Ventures Alumni will be joining the Impact Central community for peer support and mentoring from industry leaders.  

Through our Consulting arm, Resurgo will continue to grow our support for a wide range of businesses with a focus on impact management and coaching culture development, while Impact Central provides a broader suite of support to early-stage social entrepreneurs.  

High impact social enterprises will carry an important role in the coming decades in addressing society’s biggest challenges and we are so proud of the great strides forward so many of our Resurgo Ventures alumni have made in such a short time, particularly while weathering the pandemic.