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Create social impact through business

– using your skills, resources and experience

The brilliant team that ran The Resurgo Ventures Accelerator Programmes from 2019-2021 has formed a new organisation, Impact Central, and are running an outstanding online accelerator for early-stage social impact entrepreneurs.    

If you’re an entrepreneur, find out more about Impact Central here.

Sponsor a cohort on the accelerator

Become a headline sponsor and see first hand the impact you can make.

In return, we can offer structured engagement on specific activities that are of interest to millenials in your workforce.

Offer expertise

Engage your staff to give business support to our social entrepreneurs.

In return, we can offer opportunities for cross-functional learning and collaboration.


Are you keen to do a tough mudder, marathon, or swim the channel for a good cause?

We’d love to hear from you!

Improve team performance
AND support Resurgo's social impact initiatives by using our consulting services