About Resurgo Consulting

Difficult work cultures often lead to low-performing teams. We know how hard it can be to unlearn deep-rooted unhelpful behaviours, like unlearning something as innate as breathing.

We are experts; we can help.

Clients we have worked with


Resurgo Consulting wants to support you to develop a strong culture. We want your people to play to their strengths, have the confidence to challenge the status quo, and build flourishing relationships that leave room for healthy conflict. We want your teams to collaborate well and embrace change as a positive constant.


Improving your team’s performance is what we’re best at.

We get to the bottom of what’s causing underlying conflict, low levels of trust and poor communication, and help you implement an effective feedback culture, increased staff retention and improved job satisfaction.

We won’t deliver anything that won’t work. We’d rather not deliver at all. 

Our programme works in three stages

  1. Design  
  2. Deliver  
  3. Embed  

Your people will get it and you’ll see the change in the session.


Leadership team

“[The coaches] both make you feel so comfortable and confident and bring out the absolute best in you.”

James, Employability Accelerator participant

I think it is the first bit of training that we’ve had where we have been really encouraged to apply it to our specific situations and then test each other in it

Amy Cook, Head of Research, Kea Consultants

The amount of thought and tailoring that went into the programme to specifically match what we needed as a company was quite impressive... Pretty much everything we wanted to be put in there, was given pride of place. 

Edmund Thomson Jones, Director, Kea Consultants

Our senior management emerged with a embedded leadership skills that are producing real results.

Jonathan Gill, COO, MJ Mapp

Resurgo have taken our culture of feedback to a new level

Andy Ratcliffe, Impetus

It is difficult to take a topic like ‘giving and receiving feedback’ and try to work on it as a whole firm. Resurgo were able to engage across the whole firm at different levels and to deliver really useful, structured interactions. It was really engergising and impactful for our business. Would certainly recommend them to others.

Wol Kolade, Managing Partner, Livingbridge