News - 29th July, 2020

Resurgo launches new pilot employment support programme

Resurgo is launching Re-Work, a free employment support programme designed to work with those who have become unemployed in light of COVID19.

The UK unemployment rate is likely to soar in the wake of coronavirus, reaching levels not seen since the 1980s. In response, Resurgo is piloting its new employment support offering, Re-Work.

With 16 years’ experience delivering the Spear Programme, Resurgo is expertly positioned to expand its employment support offering to equip adults of all ages with the skills and mindset needed to re-enter employment.

Pilot programmes are planned for August, which will include three morning sessions per week for two weeks. The sessions will cover areas such as building resilience, expanding comfort zones, dealing with conflict, CV support, mock interviews, and applying and interviewing online. Highly-trained and experienced coaches will deliver the sessions online, with a view to equipping volunteers to deliver the sessions in person in the future.

Resurgo has 16 years’ experience providing employment support through its award-winning Spear Programme, the impact of which has been well established. Read more about this in our Impact Report.


If you or someone you know is over 18 and struggling to find work, Re-Work could help. Find out more here.