News - 11th March, 2022

HRH Prince Charles Joins Re-Work Taster Session

Resurgo were delighted to be invited to run a Re-Work taster session for Afghan refugees seeking employment in the UK, as part of a Love Your Neighbour event taking place at HTB St. Luke’s Earls Court.

HRH Prince Charles joined the taster, meeting the 15 guests to hear about their individual situations and the kind of support they are receiving.

Resurgo CEO, Jo Rice, hosted a session at which HRH met other charity partners also playing their part in the resettlement of refugees and other displaced people.

Love Your Neighbour is a network of churches working in local communities alongside people of all faiths and none, to support individuals and families in need, and is led by Resurgo’s Founder, Tom Jackson MBE.

At the end of the event, which also featured Love Your Neighbour’s community café and programmes for women and children, HRH spoke powerfully about the suffering those present have had to endure, as well as his great admiration for the support churches are providing around the country.

Re-Work was launched in 2020, in response to increasing unemployment in the wake of Covid19. The emphasis of Re-Work’s support has now shifted to focusing on groups of unemployed adults most in need, such as ex-offenders or refugees, with a view to adapting Re-Work to best support them with their particular challenges. Re-Work is currently running a pilot with Afghan nationals at HTB St. Luke’s Earls Court.

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