Our impact

Managing and measuring impact in order to create new standards of excellence, is central to Resurgo’s ethos. Whilst all our initiatives work to transform society, we have two primary charitable initiatives that deliver significant social impact and enable people to overcome challenges.

The mission of Resurgo Ventures is to help build enterprises that have meaningful social impact at their centre – we help a diverse range of social ventures evaluate their approach to impact measurement with a clear outcomes focus.

Number of organisations Resurgo Ventures has supported so far

April 2019


Number of social issues being addressed through the Ventures to date

Including: anti-trafficking, ethical supply chain, homelessness, mental health issues, ex-offenders, products that support a range of causes, making the arts accessible, food poverty, elderly, empowering young people, single mothers, NEETS.


hours of pro bono expert support for social enterprises, enabling them to transform society

In addition to the input from our Resurgo Ventures team.


Resurgo Ventures case studies