Case Studies

Resurgo Consulting

Our work with Impetus

After listening to the Impetus-PEF team to identify the core issues, we created a bespoke programme to ‘Develop a Feedback Culture’, where the entire team from all departments and tiers participated.

The programme was designed to equip the team with the language and skills needed to:

  • Build trust,
  • Develop coaching skills to improve the depth of conversations,
  • Understand themselves and others team members through the use of the C-me colour-profiling tool,
  • Deliver both encouraging and challenging feedback
  • Engage in the difficult conversations that they were avoiding

Everyone in Impetus was encouraged to practise what they had learned from the programme in between sessions and to report back in the following sessions.  Six months later the whole team met again in their groups to review how they had (and hadn’t!) applied their learning and to resolve problems that had emerged in that application.

The results

Since completing the programme in 2017, Impetus-PEF has seen an increased sharing of feedback.  They reported an improvement in team cohesion, and they use the skills including the colour-profiling tool on a daily basis.  Many of the team talk openly about how they appreciate the personal development that the investment in the programme represents.

Three years on the ‘Developing a Feedback Culture’ programme has become a core element of Impetus-PEF’s  induction process for all new starters.

“Resurgo Consulting have taken our culture of feedback to a new level.” – CEO, Impetus