Case Studies

Resurgo Ventures



Tranquiliti (previously ‘Nightingale Software’) are building an analytical solution to the early identification of mental health and safeguarding concerns of students in schools. Their first product is an app that gives students the ability to communicate their wellbeing concerns directly to school staff, and uses AI to help schools with their intervention. Next year they will be working with schools to prototype and pilot their solution.

Social Impact

Tranquiliti’s mission is to champion young people experiencing unidentified mental health and safeguarding concerns. Through giving them and those around them a voice, they provide encouragement and better support. The Mental Health Foundation says that “75% of young people who experience mental health concerns do not receive appropriate treatment at a sufficiently early stage.” By helping students overcome the barriers they face to speaking up, Tranquiliti exists to reduce this figure.

Investment Purpose

Their next step is to build and pilot their student engagement software in schools across London. After this period they will have refined their student engagement platform, and will have developed their own safeguarding software. This will allow them to begin selling the student engagement platform directly to schools, and will mean they are close to completing their full suite of software.