Case Studies

Resurgo Consulting

Our work with Livingbridge


Livingbridge is an independent private equity firm of over 80 people in the UK, US and Australia. The firm has grown significantly over the last three years with around thirty new hires within twelve months. Many of the new team members had come from large enterprises; this meant that one-third of the team were operating with different cultural norms and practices than Livingbridge had previously adopted.

The Livingbridge leadership had recently developed a strong set of values statements and focused heavily on them in the previous year’s away-day. They were now seeking to use the coming team offsite, and some associated training sessions, to embed shared skills, behaviours and language across the organisation that would enable them to intentionally live these values out and hold each other accountable.

Resurgo Consulting sought to identify the skills and language required to enable better communication across the business. Though there were highly experienced managers in the organisation, it became clear that focused training around people management and particularly in  equipping the team with giving and receiving feedback would be of great value.

What Resurgo did

In a series of meetings with Livingbridge team, Resurgo Consulting designed a 3-session programme called ‘Developing a Feedback Culture’. Every member of the Livingbridge team participated in the programme in groups of fifteen, drawn from across all departments and tiers in the organisation.

The content of the programme was designed to equip the team with the language and skills needed to:

  • Build trust
  • Develop coaching skills to improve the quality of conversations
  • Understand themselves and others through the use of the C-Me colour-profiling tool
  • Deliver both encouraging and challenging feedback
  • Engage in the ‘crucial’ conversations that they were struggling to have without creating unnecessarily emotional conflict.

The team were challenged to practice their new skills, live in the sessions, and to deploy them between sessions in their working relationships so that they could report back in the subsequent sessions which included the annual offsite.

The results

Since completing the programme in 2018, Livingbridge has seen a marked improvement in both communication and employee engagement. The team have reported an improvement in team dynamic and peer relationships and they use the language, skills and tools, including the C-Me colour-profiling tool, from the programme on a daily basis. Many of the team also talk openly about how they appreciate the personal development that the investment in the programme represents. Livingbridge continues to use the C-Me colour-profiling tool as a part of its induction process, while retaining Resurgo Consulting as a key training consultant.