Resurgo brings people together to create high impact and scalable enterprises that transform society.  Resurgo means to rise up again – we believe when we each rise up to play our part, society will also flourish again. We can only do our work by coming together – we work with churches, neighbours, businesses wanting to make a social impact, volunteers and many others across the community. We hope you’ll join us.

Start a Spear Programme
Partner with us to open a local Spear centre and see young people overcome disadvantage to enter employment
Support Resurgo Ventures
Offer your expertise to entrepreneurs making social impact
Resurgo Consulting
Improve your team performance by using our expert consulting and coaching services, and support our work at the same time

Church Partners

Ways to get involved

About the Spear programme

Find out how young people’s lives are changing through this award-winning programme.

Refer an entrepreneur

The Resurgo Ventures’ Accelerator programme works with entrepreneurs making a social impact through business.

Introduce us

Know someone who shares our vision for social transformation? We’d love to connect with them.